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Scott Webb here. Thank you for dropping by Kitchen Traffic.

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What is happening with Kitchen Traffic?

Kitchen Traffic was started in 2018 as a sales and marketing system focused on helping businesses of all sizes develop a customer and client retention strategy based on the foundation of LTV, also known as Customer Lifetime Value.


As you may remember, the name Kitchen Traffic was a metaphor for treating your business like a kitchen- with a focus on warm hospitality, welcoming and inviting, and building stronger relationships to generate more referrals and recommendations.

From that was born our highly effective, and acclaimed Apple Orchard - a simple 4 Step Process lead generation framework. We have had a blast building this program and we have now spun it into it's own individual company and and brand.

Okay, so now the rest of the story with Kitchen Traffic.


We have found a great place to use the Kitchen Traffic Brand as part of a new start up for the food service and hospitality industry. We are very excited with these new developments and our dedicated team is working hard on making this a reality.

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