Apples in a Crate


Yes. Please show me how to find brand new leads and customers for free.

Discover how to find more new sales opportunities through the trusted relationships and hard-earned customers you already have so you never have to spend a dime or minute on advertising again! 

93% of all customers surveyed said they would give a referral if asked. Only 11% of businesses asked.


 20% of your existing customers will 
bring in 80% of your future revenue.


90% of businesses surveyed have no written formal referral strategy.

Do you think your business would improve if you had a formal referral strategy?


Worksheet and Workbook.


Discover Your Own Apple Orchard and Grow Your Own Customers


What if you could find all the business and revenue you could ever want through the hard-earned customers you already have? The same customers that cost you money. Time, resources to earn. When you nurture your existing customers, build trust and reward them for their loyalty, they naturally will want to support your business.


Apple Orchard is the LEAD GENERATION SYSTEM for business owners and entrepreneurs who want to uncover all the prospects and leads you could ever want through the relationships and hard-won csutomers you already have.

Check out this live training we did with ER Wolf , CEO of Elify and his tens of thousands of users of his software app Shuffle on how to find an endless amount of new opportunities through the customers and circle of influence you already have.

Do you know you can 5, 10, 15, 50, 100 or even 1000 new sales opportunities by understanding the power of your Apple Orchard??

Do you ever wonder why it's so hard and consuming to find new leads to talk to?

Here's the secret sauce... If you have at least 1 person that trusts you, or has purchased a product or service from and you and believes in what you are doing, then you have all the ingredients for a successful Apple Orchard of new sales opportunities. 

Let me explain: As a Lead Gen Marketer for the past 20 years, we have helped hundreds of companies and entrepreneurs find hundreds of thousands of new leads, and generated millions of dollars in revenue. The problem was they had tens, hundreds and even thousands of happy clients they never asked for a referral.


Did you know that 84% of all businesses have no written or formal strategy to nurture and engage their existing or past customers?

The big question on my client's minds can I leverage the hard-earned relationships and customers I already have?


Today, you can begin to solve the problem of finding literally unending supply of new customers or you can continue to experience the frustration of spending countless hours, resources and money on trying to find the "next customer".


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