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We help you keep more and earn more from the hard-won customers you already have.

Apple Orchard - The List Builder Referral Generating System 

Every sale, every dollar, every customer you earn, is the KEY to every future dollar, every future sale and every future new customer. The challenge is that for 90% of all businesses, they focus on the short term transaction. 


We are here to tell you that you can have both



2 decades of applied experience and Millions of

dollars of revenue generated.

Customer-centric Consulting

We get it. Everyone wants the "Secret-sauce" to growth. More customers. more often, more loyal.  What we know to be true is this- your customers, the ones that have already purchased your product or service hold the key to all the NEW sales and profits you could ever want. We help you have a Cookbook or written strategy that you can follow on a daily basis to increase sales, or retain more of the hard-earned customers you already have.


Employees 4 Life
Workforce/Team Retention

Want more customers for life? Having a Lifetime Value mindset when it comes to your employees is as important as retaining great customers.

Without employees who are engaged and satisfied to come into work every day, and advocate for your brand, it's next to impossible to keep your customers happy.


Learn how our 5 Step CLV Cookbook for your staff can help reduce employee discontent and churn, turn average into excellence, and  create Employee Lifetime Value.

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Month to Month C4L Consulting

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