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How we help you keep more and earn more from your hard-won customers.

If you are in sales, run a business, are an entrepreneur,  consultant, or freelancer revenue generation is your number one daily task. Think of sales and revenue like food. How many days can you go without eating?


When we say FEED YOUR BUSINESS, it’s more than a motto. Creating sales is the lifeforce of your business. So, what are you doing to create an endless supply of prospects and new leads?


After 20 years in the “lead generation” game, building over 1000 websites and internet sales funnels, hundreds of landing pages, countless lead magnets, sending over 10 million emails , buying thousands of banners ads, adding to the fortunes of the social media empires, and every other marketing and advertising tactic you can dream up since 1997.


“Question; what do you do with all your existing customers?”


In 2019, I had a client hire us to find new leads, fresh meat, more sales, increased revenue. This business had been in business for 11 years with over 4500 customers. I asked one question that would change the fortune of Kitchen Traffic and this company.


40 years of applied experience

and tens of Millions of dollars in growth

We get it. Everyone wants the "Secret-sauce" to growth. More customers. more often, more loyal.  What we know to be true is this- your customers, the ones that have already purchased your product or service hold the key to all the sales and profits you could ever want. Our 5 Step Cookbook or framework will help you get their. But not without a plan.

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Apple Orchard Lead Generation



Want more customers?  Regardless if you've been in business for 1 month, or 1 decade, we have a formal referral system aptly called Apple Orchard that can help you find more new customers. more new opportunities, more new leads in 15 minutes than you could ever imagine. 

And what's more,  Apple Orchard is FREE. Yep, FREE.

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