Resources to help you better Communicate, be more Consistent and Collaborate with your list, your prospect, and clients more regularly.

The most effective way of growing your Apple Orchard (your client base) is communication.  Consistently. If you are not reaching out to your entire list at least once per month and your advocates at least twice a month, then go back and figure out how you can be connecting more often.

This may feel like you over-communicating, however, if you are "bugging" someone, they will let you know.


No need to harp on Covid, or talk about your latest product or service update all the time. Sometimes, a Simple “how are you” goes a long way.


Be Consistent 
“I was just thinking about you/talking about you” has lead to several 5 figure clients for our business.


Be the glue in your community. Develop a strategic plan to connect others in your community, online and in person.


7 Ideas to help you stay "top-of-mind"  


Sen out a survey. When is the last time you asked your clients and list for feedback? 


What is going on in your community? A concert, a fundraiser, a local Food Truck Festival. Invite your list to come join you at those events.


Create a newsletter and use it to get more subscribers. Interview local businesses just to help them get more attention.


Create a "Cheet Sheet" of the most effective or overlooked things your client base faces and suggestions to fix or optimize those issues. 


Team up! Do you like to cook? Team up with a local chef to talk about the latest trends in food. Then video and send it to your list. Ask them to respond with their favorite recipe.


Host a Virtual Webinar. Find out what topics your list is interested in and then set up a Virtual LIVE event where you can answer their questions.


Finally, how about a personal email, text or phone call just to check-in and see how your people are holding up. Sample scripts below.